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1st Jun 2020

Book Seven: Argument, Synopsis, Chapters 1 to 5

"But that I may the better explain this matter, I shall relate the origin of these fancies about the Godhead. Paul of Samosata, previous to the Arian and trinitarian philosophers, being entirely ignorant of the mysteries of CHRIST which are hidden in the Hebrew, by maintaining that CHRIST was a mere man, not God, and that he first existed then and not previously, scandalized the Greek philosophers, who were also ignorant of Hebrew, and infected by the contagion of Aristotle, and forced them to ascend to heaven without wings..."

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Errors of The Trinity - Michael Servetus (1531AD)
At age 19, Michael Servetus wrote the most controversial book found in Europe.
Michael Servetus, one of the most brilliant men of the Middle Ages, wrote this treatise at age 19 in 1531AD. He was hunted by the Catholics and the Protestants and eventually burned at the stake by John Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a polyglot, scholarly proficient, fluent in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Spanish. He was from Aragon, Spain. He was burned by Calvin in 1553AD with the approval of Luther, Melancthon, and a plethora of so-called reformers. Thomas Jefferson referenced Servetus in identifying religious INTOLERANCE in the newly formed United States of America.
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