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11th Jul 2020

Book Four: Argument, Synopsis, Chapters 1 to 4

"Moses therefore desired to see his face; he saw some things and rejoiced, he saw his back, but he saw not his face. For they feared when they turned their eyes upon this face, and they feared lest they die. And the veil signifies that the glory of God was not yet revealed to them. Nevertheless we, now that the veil of the temple has been rent in twain, are permitted to look into the Holy of holies, that is, into the face of CHRIST, which was veiled from them."

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Errors of The Trinity - Michael Servetus (1531AD)
At age 19, Michael Servetus wrote the most controversial book found in Europe.
Michael Servetus, one of the most brilliant men of the Middle Ages, wrote this treatise at age 19 in 1531AD. He was hunted by the Catholics and the Protestants and eventually burned at the stake by John Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a polyglot, scholarly proficient, fluent in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Spanish. He was from Aragon, Spain. He was burned by Calvin in 1553AD with the approval of Luther, Melancthon, and a plethora of so-called reformers. Thomas Jefferson referenced Servetus in identifying religious INTOLERANCE in the newly formed United States of America.
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